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Copyright Violation

Should you consider that your copyright has been violated by the improper usage of, we encourage you to send us a notification in which you signal the copyright violation, offer specific data on the illegal use and evidence of the fact that the reported violation is regarding your copyright. The notification must include data that would allow the identification of the copied work, the website/link from where you claim it was taken, brief but convincing evidence that support the fact that you own copyrights on the work or evidence that you act on behalf of the copyright holder, as well as a statement of your own responsibility in which you take the risk to endure the sanctions imposed in case you are not acting in good faith. The notifications will be sent in the contact us form given at the footer of the website under contact us link. Should the aforementioned notification be received, the administrator and/or owner of will make best efforts to immediately fix the situation, remove the protected work and, if that’s the case, to identify the user that incorrectly used the product, thus removing the reported rights and will try and block future access of the respective user to